Available payment methods for money deposits:

  • Wire transfer

Minimum amount and deposit process:



Valid for VISA and MasterCard

  • Enter the amount to deposit.
  • Accept the terms of use by pressing the DEPOSIT button.
  • Complete the form with the requested data.
  • Verify the amount, confirm the payment.

Minimum amount 10 PEN.


  • Enter the amount to deposit.
  • Confirm email and phone number (add +51 if required),
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Minimum amount 20 PEN.


  • ONLINE BANKING:   BBVA, BCP. Interbank, Scotiabank.
  • Select the option Payment of Services
  • Search and select the institution / company PAGOEFECTIVO
  • Enter your CIP code: [CODE]
  • Verify the amount,
  • Confirm payment.

  • You can also pay using a VIRTUAL WALLET:  Yape, Plin
  • Choose the wallet of your choice.
  • Scan the QR from your wallet.
  • Check the amount,
  • Confirm payment.
  • 3. 

  • Enter the amount to deposit.
  • Select Cash or Internet Banking.
  • Accept terms and conditions.

    Minimum amount 20 PEN.


  • INTERNET BANKING: BCP, BBVA, Scotiabank, Interbank.
  • Select - 'Pay & Transfer' - 'Pay for a service'
  • Choose 'Search by company name' - Safetypay - soles
  • Enter your Payment Code
  • Select the Account or Credit Card charge, update with your token, and voila!

  • Indicate that you are going to make a payment to the company Safetypay.
  • Indicate that you will make the payment to SAFETYPAY SOLES.
  • Indicate the Payment Code: [CODE],
  • Check the amount.
  • Confirm payment.


  • Enter the amount to deposit.
  • Enter identity document and select bank to your preference
  • Payment must be made only by means and amount selected
  • Follow the steps indicated for each platform
  • Minimum amount 10 PEN.

  • TUPAY, BCP BBVA, Interbank, Scotiabank

  • In the APP 0 web of your bank select: - Pay for a Service -
  • Choose- Search by name of the charging platform.
  • Enter your payment reference number [CODE]
  • Select your account or credit card
  • Upgrade with your Token and READY!





  1. BETSHOP: withdrawals in physical


  • Enter the desired amount in the Withdrawal field.

  • Select your favorite place from the store menu

  • After selecting the store (betshop) we can go to the chosen place with the physical ID and account ID.
  • When approaching the store the customer has to show the ID and proceed to sign the delivery voucher.

           *If you have any questions you can contact our support chat. Or for a quick response from the customer, indicate to the cashier on duty to contact us our attention or support area

  • From 19:00 the maximum amount that is approved for withdrawal in store is 50 soles. (single payment).
  • It is necessary to present your identity document to the cashier to validate that you are the account holder.

2. BANKTRANSFER: online withdrawals (transfer)

  1. First you must enter the website: www.meridianbet.pe and go to "deposit" which is in the right corner.
  2.  Select "Payment" – "Bank Transfer"
  3.  Enter the amount to withdraw, click on "withdrawals" then to BANKTRANSFER
  4. Fill out the form with your bank details.


In case you want to change your bank account already registered, you must notify us previously by sending a document from the bank, where your data and the account appear, to avoid inconveniences.

Data: place in bank account number: the account number by entering your app, mobile banking or internet

Name of the bank: place abbreviated name only of BBVA and BCP of the others place full name, we only work with the following banks; BCP, BBVA, Scotiabank, Interbank and BANCO DE LA NACIÓN.

Cedula number: ID number

Interbank code: is the cci of your bank account

Additional information: It is optional to fill in that space.


  5. When your request has been sent, a window will appear with the message "Transfer complete"


Withdrawal requests by bank transfer are processed between 1 to 2 business days (they are placed in RESERVE). The day I make the retreat, Sundays and holidays are not counted.

If you are rejected, you will receive a notification indicating why the rejection occured.

If processed, you will receive a message indicating the deposit to your bank account.

On the last working day of the month, reservations will be received until 12m, and will be paid the same day. After that time, the reservations will be rejected and you must request your withdrawal on the first day of the following month.

For their security, the client must confirm their identity as the holder of the bank account for which they wish to make the withdrawal using their valid Identity Document that appears on it.

Minimum amount to withdraw: S / .20 SOLES.

To check the status of your transaction you can write to our support chat, WhatsApp number 914342946.





1. Open your Meridianbet.pe account.

2. Validate your account by sending a photo of your identity document to Whatsapp 914342946.

3. Make your first deposit of 50 soles or more. (Higher deposit, higher Welcome Bonus).

4. Play your first deposit on the games you like the most.

5. You cannot bet live only pre match bets.

6. Once your first deposit has been used, write to customer service whatsapp 914342946 and request "WELCOME BONUS".

7. The bonus is credited up to 24 hours after you have requested it.



1. The client must not have any balance of other bonuses before making his request.

2. You can get 100% of your first deposit up to 800 soles.

3. This offer is only available for new registrations.

4. All tickets made with the bonus must contain a minimum of 3 events (pre match) and a minimum odds per event of 1.50.

5. The value wagered per ticket must be at least 10 soles.

6. The bonus has a roll over of 10, it means that the client must play 10 times the winnings obtained with the bonus with the same number of events and odds.

7. The maximum profit to withdraw with the bonus is 200 soles.

8. Not valid for casino games, nor is it valid to play casino winnings.

9. If the customer applies turbo cash, places system bets or created bets, he/she loses all bonus benefits.

10. Not valid for live events.

11. The deadline to comply with the roll over is 7 days from the request of the bonus

12. In case the client does not comply with the conditions of the promotion, the money obtained from the account will be deducted without option to claim.

13. You have up to 24 hours to play your first reload and claim the bonus.




1.         Offer valid only for new customers who have not made a real money deposit into their Meridianbet and that will be available only once per customer.

2.         The bonus will be delivered to the client's account and will appear in the notification tray which must be accepted, in order to use it you must have validated your data, to do so you must send a photo of your ID on both sides to whatsapp 914342946

3.         There can only be 1 account per client, so your account must be validated with DNI: 1 user per account.

4.         If more than 1 account is found, all accounts will be blocked without notice; without the right to claim and losing the balance you have in All your accounts, either in real money or in bonuses.

5.         To claim bonus winnings, the client must have his account fully verified.

6.         This offer is valid only for citizens residing in Peruvian territory.

7.         Meridian reserves the right to change the rules of the promotion or to terminate the promotion at any time.

8.         General rules and conditions apply.


1.         The payment of 50 soles will be made to be used on our platform.

2.         The client loses the opportunity to request his winnings if he applies to Turbocash and/or system betting. Valid to play standard and live offers.

3.         The ticket must contain a minimum of 4 events and the fee for each cannot be less than 1.45.

4.         The value of the bet is maximum 10 soles per ticket

5.         The maximum payment value per ticket must be up to 50 soles

6.         The client must consume the bonus within 24 hours after it has been assigned, otherwise the bonus will expire.

7.         The client must deposit at least 20 soles in order to withdraw the profit amount.

8.         The maximum profit amount to withdraw with the bonus is 500 soles, and the difference will be delivered in bonuses as a maximum amount up to 200 soles

9.         The amount to withdraw available will be the subtraction of the winnings obtained minus the bonus granted.

10.       Apply roll over / replay conditions (x10) of the winnings obtained with the bonus, with the amount of minimum 3 events, value of the odds per match of 1.35 or more. The deadline for Fulfilling the roll over is 7 days from the creation of the account. Tickets must be resolved within the same timeframe.



Withdrawal conditions:

1. Minimum two events per ticket

2. No quota conditions

3. You can apply for this withdrawal as many times as you want

4. Does not apply Turbo Cash

5. At least one successful event must be Pre-Match

6. Ticket payment is automatically generated, no request




•           The promotion is valid for all customers registered in meridianbet.pe

•           For the sum of the deposits made on the day you will receive a 5% bonus. Minimum deposit amount 20 soles.

•           The maximum bonus is S / 300 soles for one month.

•           The offer is valid for all customers who have deposited a real money amount via any payment method on meridianbet.pe

•           In order for the bonus to be credited to your account, you must fully use the funds deposited in sports betting or casino, and have no active bonuses for any reason.

•           You cannot request a reload bonus for different promotions. In case the customer makes recharges by different means on the same day you can only opt for this promotion)

•           The client will receive the bonus as long as he has the account verified through Customer Support: Whatsapp 914342946 or [email protected]

•           Recharges are not cumulative of previous days.

•           Meridianbet reserves the right to withdraw availability or cancel any offer and / or all offers when it wishes to inform its customers by email. Provided that offers that have already been awarded cannot be withdrawn or cancelled unless the customer violates Meridianbet's terms and conditions.

•           Meridianbet reserves the right to modify the offers and inform its customers by email of the relevant changes. It also reserves the right to claim or reject the offer if the customer violates the terms and conditions of Meridianbet. In case of complaint, the recipient will send a reasoned response to the customer.

•           Customer who has more than one account loses the possibility of participating in this or any promotion, and all their accounts will be blocked, without option to claim.

•           General terms and conditions apply




1. Minimum recharge 10 soles

2. Only physical store participates

3. Valid only for customers registered in meridianbet.pe

4. To claim the 15% bonus you must write to customer service through customer support 914342946 or [email protected]

5. The customer must have the account already verified

6. The maximum monthly amount to be given is 100 soles in bonus per client

7. This offer is valid only for customers with recharges in physical store

8. For the bonus to be credited you must have used all the funds of the reload

9. To claim the bonus the client must not have other active bonuses

10. The client can only participate in one bonus at a time of all those he has meridianbet.pe

11. Recharges are not cumulative from previous days



1. Minimum 3 events per ticket

2. Minimum odds per event of 1.50


4. Maximum win with the bonus 200 soles

5. Winnings in excess of the above will be withdrawn from the player's account (bonus winning)

6. The customer must comply with the conditions otherwise Meridianbet can withdraw the benefits without claim

7. The bonus is for sports betting only

8. Does not apply turbocash, system bet, casino or live plays



1. Meridianbet.pe reserves the right to withdraw, modify, cancel any current promotion

2. Clients who have more than one account lose any profit that the company has to offer and will proceed to block the accounts.

3. Meridianbet promotions are only for Peruvian territory

4. All promotions are limited to 1 person, 1 IP address, 1 phone number, 1 email address, 1 bank account. Meridianbet shall have the right to exclude users if they fail to comply with the above.



How to participate?

•           Only users registered on our page participate www.Meridianbet.pe, who have verified accounts before the raffles are carried out. To verify your account you can write to us at WhatsApp 914342946 or to the mail [email protected]

•           In case more than 1 account is found, all accounts will be blocked without prior notice; and will be excluded from the draw.

•           Ok Like the post, tag 2 friends and then comment on the Facebook post your prediction before each match.

•           You must not have active bonuses on the account.

•           5 bonuses of 100 soles will be drawn.



•           A customer can win maximum 01 prize, ie: If a customer wins 01 bonus during one draw, he can no longer participate in the other draws.

•           Players with blocked accounts will not be eligible for the prizes set out in this promotion.


or         All tickets must contain a minimum of 3 matches with odds of 1.50 or more. Maximum bet amount per ticket of 10 soles.

or         Term to use the bonus 7 days from the date it is granted.

or         Not valid for Casino games.

or         Not valid for system bets

or         Invalid to apply turbo cash

or         Roll over of 8

or         The maximum amount of winnings to withdraw is 200 soles, which must be requested until the seventh day after receiving the bonus.

or         In case of non-compliance with the conditions of use of the bonus, the winnings will be withdrawn from the player's account without option to claim. If the client apart from the profit

or         Make a deposit, only the recharge will be maintained.



House of the best Bonuses 120% the more events you have the more your % profit

The BONUS percentage is automatically applied to the bet according to terms and conditions

Minimum fee 1.35

*Promotion valid in our premises.

*valid for APP 




In Meridianbet you always earn more, that's why we bring you


Every Tuesday we will give away a surprise bonus!

 Among all players who have bet during the week on Meridianbet.pe with real money.



Terms & Conditions:

1.         The voucher must be used on TICKETS with a minimum of events (2) per ticket

2.         Odds for each match from 1.25 or more

3.         Maximum bet per ticket 5 soles

4.         Not valid for system bets, nor apply turbo cash to tickets

5.         Apply the condition of roll over / re game (x10) of the winnings obtained with the bonus. Term: 7 days from the date the bonus is awarded.

6.         The voucher is valid 24 hours from the time of payment.

7.         Maximum payment per ticket: 100 soles.

8.         The bonus cannot be used for Lucky 6 / Lucky 5 / Numbers.

9.         If the customer does not meet the conditions of the promotion, the winnings will be withdrawn from the account without Option to claim. If apart the customer made a deposit only the recharge will be maintained.




1. WAGERING BONUS Conditions:

     - Minimum 3 matches on the ticket (Prematch only)

     - Match fee of 1.50 or more

     - Maximum bet value allowed per ticket is 5 soles

     - It is not valid to make system betting tickets, nor to apply turbo cash

     - It is credited during the course of the day.

2. Apply roll over / replay conditions of 15 Times the winnings obtained with the bonus, the deadline to fulfill the rollover is 7 days from the date the bonus is awarded.

Bonus duration: 7 days

3.The tickets to fulfill the rollover must be made with the same conditions of use of the bonus.

4. Maximum withdrawal up to 200 soles, what exceeds that amount will be credited in bonus.

5. All tickets must comply with the aforementioned wagering conditions, otherwise the winnings will be withdrawn from the account with no option to claim. If the customer apart from the gain made a recharge, only the recharge will be maintained.

6. It is not valid to use the winnings generated by this promotion in casino.


1. SPINS CASINO Conditions:

- All players belonging to the Meridianbet family who received the free spins participate.

- The amount of 50 SPINS will be granted with the value of 0.25 cents in soles, with a rollover of 40.

2. The amount of plays awarded must be replayed/rollover/spin 40 times in THE participating game (FAIRY IN WONDERLAND.).

3. The spin will be awarded in the course of the day. Saturday and Sunday is credited Monday

4. The limit of the winnings is s / 25 nuevos soles if you generate more profits than allowed the amount will be withdrawn from your account by the system.

5. The participating game for this promotion is FAIRY IN WONDERLAND.

6. In order to withdraw the winnings obtained by the free spin, the client must make plays of 10% of the amount won in the online casino, the client must have deposited in his account at least s / 10 soles.

7. In the event that the client has several accounts, all of them will be closed and the right to participate in other promotions will be lost.

8. Meridianbet reserves the right to modify or cancel the campaign at any time. By accepting the promotion all players agree to the general rules. General terms and conditions apply.


1. There can only be 1 account per customer. The client must validate his account with the photos of his ID, through our whatsapp 914342946.

2. If more than 1 account is found, they will be blocked and access to the promotion will be lost.

3. No customers with ongoing bonus balance or bonuses, or customers with blocked accounts.

4. This offer is only valid for residents of the Peruvian territory.

5. Meridian reserves the right to change the rules of the promotion or to terminate the promotion at any time.

6. General rules and conditions apply.

7. This promotion is valid only for a customer base selected daily, who will be informed by email and / or SMS.










•           Free spins will be distributed equally between the winning amount in the envivo (product of the sum of the profits) and the number of active users in the broadcast.

•           Free spins will be credited within the indicated award day.

•           Free spins will be valid for 72 Hrs. from the amount of the accreditation.

•           Meridian Casino is responsible for considering participants in this dynamic.

•           A maximum of 100 free spins per person will be credited.

•           If the winner did not use his/her prize within the allotted timeframe, he/she is not entitled to claim the prize.

•           Meridian Casino decides the denomination value of the spins that will be awarded.

•           Free spins are valid only for games selected by Meridian Casino.

•           The maximum amount to win with the free spins will be up to S /50 Nuevos Soles.

•           The customer will be able to withdraw their money or continue playing on the platform.

•           In the event that the client has several accounts, they will all be closed and will lose the right to participate in other promotions, as well as lose the bonuses or Spins won.

•           By participating in the promotion everyone agrees to our general rules.

•           This offer is valid only for citizens residing in Peruvian territory.

•           Meridian reserves the right to change the rules of the promotion or to terminate the promotion at any time.

•           General TAC applies.