¿Cómo reportar problemas en la plataforma?

Como reportar problemas en la plataforma

What browser must I use to access the website?

In order to experience all the performance of the website, please use Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari or any other updated Internet browser.

How do I refresh the page?

The page can be refreshed by pressing the F5 button on your keyboard.

What does it mean to scroll the page?

Scrolling the page is smooth moving of the website page downward or upward using the mouse or the keyboard.

How do I erase search history, Cache or Cookies?

The procedure for erasing search history, Cache or cookies differs depending on the browser.

How do I erase the cache memory of the application?

Open Settings, find and open Application Manager on your telephone.

How do I take a picture of what I see on the screen (screen shot)?

Content of the screen can be recorded by pressing the two dedicated screenshot buttons on your telephone.

Where can I see the scores?

The scores can be followed live in the statistics option

Where, on the website, can I check a ticket played in the betting shop?

Ticket played in the betting shop can be checked in the Check ticket option on the Home page in the upper left corner of the website.

Where can I see the status on my Bonus Account?

The balance on your Bonus Account can be seen after login to your account within the option Ticket on the right.

How do I take a picture of what I see on the screen (print screen)?

You can record the content of the screen by pressing the button PRINT SCREEN (PRTSC or PRTSCN on some keyboards).

Why did the website log me out from the account?

After a certain period of inactivity on the site, the site automatically logs you out.

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