At Meridianbet.pe, we make sure that all our players are fully satisfied with our products and service. Nevertheless, we are aware there may be occasions in which we have not been able to meet the expectations of our users.

To that end, if you wish to express dissatisfaction about our product, customer interaction or transaction, you are kindly asked to approach our Customer Support Department at [email protected] and raise a complaint.

Should you disagree with the outcome of a specific game of chance, you shall file a complaint within seven (7) calendar days.

Should you disagree with any other matters, not directly related to the outcome of a specific game of chance, however in relation to your account, such as however not limited to matters of payout, suspension and the calculation of bonuses, you shall notify us, as a complaint, within one (a) calendar month.

Upon receipt, we will inform you on the results of feedback within 14 days from the day of receipt of your complaint.

At any time, we could resolve your complaint by means of mediation, which process shall be non-binding and voluntary.

Any unresolved disputes shall be handled by means of binding arbitration, which shall as an exclusive forum resolve the matter by arbitration judgment. You shall initiate the procedure of binding arbitration within three hundred and sixty-five (365) days. Failure to do so shall result in any potential claims, rights or entitlements to compensation, damages, or expenses becoming unenforceable.