How do you calculate a system ticket?

To calculate the winnings on the system ticket, it is necessary to calculate the bets and the combination winnings. Divide the bets with the number of combinations of your system ticket, and multiply this number with odds and you will receive. the combination profits. Afterwards, all the combinations winnings are summarized and you will get a maximum possible win on your system ticket.

The minimum participation is 0.04 per combination.

The system tickets are the tickets in which the client can receive winnings even if all the pairs in the ticket are not guessed. The types of systems that a client can play in Meridian betting shop are the following:

Ordinary system: In this type of system the player, on the total number of pairs in the ticket, must guess a minimum number of pairs for the ticket to win (for example, 3 of 5, 4 of 7, 2 of 3)
Ordinary system with a fix: To a previous type of system a player adds a certain number of "fixes" (an & quot; fix & quot; is a match that must be earned for the ticket to pass, of course, with a minimum number of requirements System hits) (eg, 2/2 and 4/7; 1 / 1 and 2/5; 3/3 and 5/8)
System multiplied by system: In this type of system a player practically has several ordinary systems in his ticket, one after another (For example, in a single ticket 2/3 x 4/6 x 1/4 x 2/4)
System multiplied by system with a correction: To a previous type of system a certain number of corrections is added
Each ticket in the system has a certain number of combinations.

A table with the number of combinations can be seen at Lists and Additions on the site:

Each combination is practically a smaller ticket for as many pairs as the player required for minimum hits in the system (for example, system ticket 3 out of 5 has 10 combinations meaning that it is the same as if the player took 10 different tickets with 3 pairs each)