What is Turbo Cash

What is Turbo Cash


Turbo Cash is an option that allows you to take a return on your bet prior to the market is closed. It is valid only for open bet and gives the opportunity to pay a bet slip for a certain amount of money, even if some matches are in progress. There are no conditions in the number of winning selections, and the necessary condition is that all selections are currently active.

In order to be able to use TurboCash, it is necessary that the bet slip meets the following conditions:

  • that the Payout is greater than S/. XX  (for bets played in the bet shops), or S/.XX  (for bets games played online)
  • that if the matches started, only those who are in the Live betting can be processed by Turbo Cash
  • only active matches and games can be the subject of Turbo Cash

Turbo Cash is not available for Handicap and Over / Under bets if the Border in these games has changed in the meantime.

Meridianbet does not oblige to offer TurboCash for each placed bet, but if there are conditions and possibility, Meridianbet will offer a Turbo Cash option.

Should there be any error in processing Turbo Cash, either due to an incorrect odds, result or any other factor, Meridianbet reserves the right to declare the bet as losing and to process it in real terms.